2017 Year Reflections

2017 Year Reflections!

How was your Rhythm of Life in 2017? What were your highlights and lowlights?
This is usually how we check in with each of our friends! And lastly, what are your hopes for 2018?

If I was to compare 2017 with 2016, then this year was awesome! 2016 came with a tough retrenchment process, depression and a more emotional pregnancy than expected. Although this year came with more financial pressures than 2016, I still got to travel and go on an entrepreneurial adventure which only God could have orchestrated! I definitely learnt to rely on God’s provision and timing, which wasn’t always easy but definitely better than anything I could have achieved alone.

So my highlights of the year have been the opportunity to fall in love with my family and to explore my entrepreneurial skills. In 2017 I got to spend so much more time with my family than I ever have had in one year. The previous 6 years I was caught up in the corporate hustle of a 9-5 job…. more like 6-6 (including my travel time). When this year started I had no cooking clue what I would be doing career wise, but what I knew for a fact was that I would not be working a corporate job and that the company “Stone Culture PTY Ltd” would be an organization guided by God’s agenda, through prayer; and a Godly culture, through loving all who we operate with – employees, clients, suppliers etc. Yet practically I had no idea what we were doing.

Today Stone Culture is a talent and influencer management organization that has supplied amazing talent to large clients like Nandos, Sun City, 94.7 and Kwesé Play. Anyone who knows me has been part of this journey in some shape or form from my family, neighbours, friends…friends of friends and even strangers I have literally just met! Quite funny actually! Even you reading this has been part of the startup of Stone Culture through following My Rhythm of Life (one of the influencer platforms). I have still had to hustle in order to feed this passion of video blogging and fund Stone Culture but it has still been fun. The flexibility has meant I am more present at home and because I was working with Avon it meant I got to spend more time with him. Traveling to Monaco with Avon on our 8th anniversary, on MINI’s account was probably my ultimate highlight. I still can’t believe it happened – watch my Monaco MINI series on my YouTube channel if you missed it.

My lowlight was definitely the night I first arrived at Life Healthcare Hospital with Kayla struggling to breathe. She had pneumonia and it was the realization that I could have lost her that night that brought me to my knees. The “life is short” feeling made that time in hospital very special. Another low was the one point in the year when I thought maybe I wasn’t made for this entrepreneurial thing and almost threw in the towel. I really hit rock bottom and almost didn’t want to get up and try again. Looking back on that moment it actually blows my mind on what was around the corner.

So I want to encourage those that might be in that space of giving up on a passion! There will be moments like these – it is part of the journey….. the Rhythm of Life! You just gotta keep picking yourself up again and holding on to that promise that God has for you! Which is Good!

So as we close the 2017 chapter, I just want to pour some love into everyone that has been following me, supporting me, commenting, sharing, liking or even just silently watching My Rhythm of Life videos! I hope that by being part of this journey you have been encouraged and entertained in some shape or form, that you have laughed, cried or even danced at some point with me! Thank you for taking the time and data (coz I know it chows your data lol) to be with me. My prayer for us all is that in 2018 God continues to reveal to us just how much He loves us and how much we are all so undeserving of this Love! It is such a humbling journey but so worth it! May our cups overflow with abundance! May our passions be explored and used to add value to everyone around us and beyond! May good health, love, joy, life and laughter be part of our Rhythm of Life! ❤️❤️❤️


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