So this time last year Avon and I were in Monaco watching the Monaco Grand Prix 2017. This was an all expenses paid vacation on our 8th wedding anniversary weekend……a real Heaven sent gift – uniquely tailored to our needs and dreams!
It is seriously hard to even imagine that this dream actually came true especially during one of the toughest financial seasons of our marriage…….but it did and I remember having a moment with God during my maternity leave with Kai (post retrenchment and abt a month before knowing we won) and looking at this particular dream on our Dream board and thinking that there is no way that this dream could come true in our own strength – and given our circumstance! I even thought that this dream was a bit too far fetched lol……but clearly it wasn’t for God!
Thinking back to this dream-coming-true moment and having watched the movie “The Greatest Showman” it really got me thinking about dreaming and how as adults we tend to stop dreaming. Why? Remember as kids how fun it was to just IMAGINE! I love to dream. In “The Greatest Showman” movie I loved the big dreams that were on the heart of this man who came from nothing. It was so encouraging to watch how his dream unfolded and how he got caught up and lost in his dream.
In reflecting, here is what I learnt through my Dream-Come-True moment:
1. God is bigger than our circumstances! Retrenchment and tough financial circumstances didn’t stop God from answering the desires of our hearts! That goes the same for YOU!
2. There is Joy in Dreaming! I just want to encourage you to DREAM and DREAM big……without the limitations of the If’s/Buts and No because! Get creative and fall in love using your imagination!
3. Always Check-in with what your success is really defined by? Being broke had made me desire finances more than what I had but going to Monaco put a new perspective on wealth and fortune. My eyes to how insanely rich people can get and yet how empty some of their souls were. I saw many unhappy people and it was quite scary. The joy in my heart felt far more valuable than the wealth in a Helicopter launch Pad Boat with people waiting to attend to my every need. Or the lost soul of a young girl as high as ever dancing on the stage in an activation zone. So check in with yourself on what really matters in life because it is easy to get lost in the pursuit of a dream.
4. It is important to have reflecting time away from the day to day. Parents with kids will know what I mean. You can get so caught up with raising your kids that your marriage becomes an after thought. NOT GOOD! Get out and enjoy each others company as often as you can and it doesn’t need to be expensive. A good friend of mine won an all expenses weekend away worth R 24,000 for her and her husband and managed to make a plan with her kids. No excuses!
5. Once you have gotten a taste of experiencing a dream come true moment, your life should never be the same again! It is quite easy to fall into the trap of not believing in dreams again….I say that with also having gone through the year with ups and downs. But when I share this story I am blown away and encouraged….all over again. This weekend when we watched the Grand Prix in Monaco I saw places that I had actually been and I had a moment. WOW!!!! I can believe it coz I was there and that was amazing…..I need to keep holding onto my dreams and encouraging others do the same!
So in keeping with the theme of a Blue Sky Monday – My Encouragement Post – I just want to celebrate that dreams do actually come true but friends you have to DREAM and DREAM big……and you always need to CHECK yourself! Are you dreaming? Are you writing things down and having a vision for where you want to go and things you want to do? Are you working towards those dreams or getting caught up in the every day tasks of life? Or maybe you are living the Dream and if so are you checking in on what really matters deep within? What are your Check-In indicators?
For those of you who haven’t watched our Monaco Video Blog …. maybe set aside some time one evening to watch our adventure on Youtube lol! There are 5 episodes for you to enjoy. Heheheh! Love you all and have a great week!





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