A Dancing Girl – Spirit of Hope

I am not much of a poet but since yesturday I have been really thinking about the feeling of Hope and just felt a strong urge to write it down…and it came out something like this —–

With out it life feels pointless, purposeless, and meaningless. That is why you know exactly what if feels like when you don’t have it you see this four letter word brings a point, a purpose and a meaning. I like to describer the word like the spirit of a little girl.

She is like the warm summers sun that greets you in the morning,
She puts a smile on your face and wipes the tears a way from your mourning
She has a mysterious presence that out shines the darkness,
She tells you that you look great and that you are uniquely flawless
She grabs hold of your anxiety and lets you swirls her around with joy
She reminds you to dance, laugh and she plays with you like a child takes pleasure in a toy

She is small, young and pure and can sometimes be taken for granted.
And if you forget about her she will leave you coz she will feel unwanted

So when hope comes to your door embrace her with pride.
Take her by the hand and show her your life inside.
Your life will be transformed with a different light,
You’ll get that job and finances will be sorted
You’ll be blessed with a child and not want to abort it
You won’t have to wait all night by the phone,
You’ll be comforted to know you won’t be alone

Let her in she is the radiant spirit of hope.

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