Be on Guard at all Times…Who is your Guard?

So this morning I drive my normal route to work. Yes, I finally have the guts now to drive past Deipsloote again. I usually drop our complex guard, Dumi, off at Diepsloot and actually enjoy our conversations in the morning. I was in the jeep today coz the other car was getting fixed. The normal car I drive has smash and grab proof windows…but the Jeep is yet to be Smash and grab proofed. But I have now learnt to just put my stuff in the boot. Thinking what is the worst that could happen?

Once I had dropped Dumi off I headed off for the Deipsloot HOT Spot intersection. My mind was somewhere else …as usual. But the next thing you know this guy runs across the road. Stands right at my window and just looks in side…first the boot then the back passenger door. I first think he is passing. But then realise that no he is actually looking to steal. I get so angry….Now you must know since the last smash and grab incident…I HAVE PLAYED THIS EVENT OVER AND OVER in my mind. SO I WAS SO READY. I Start going belistic…and just hooting my horn…not to say that was what I thought I would really do. Once again I can’t move forward but at least I didn’t panic and smash the guy in front of me. He eventually ran away.

The light turned green and I drove off on my way to work, heart racing and all. Can you believe it! Same intersection and I wondered if it was the same guy. As I drove for the next 40 minutes I really started to think…What was God trying to tell me?????? WHAT? I looked at my doors and realised that they were all unlocked. I probably didn’t’ think of locking them once I dropped Dumi off….I was just thinking of getting back on the road. Then I turned and looked to see if the guy could steal anything but all that was there was Avon’s Bible.

Then IT HIT ME! The event’s of this morning could have been far worse than I thought. All that guy needed to do was open the door and it would have been over! Did he know the doors were open? Was he trying to open the door? Did the bible scare him? WHAT REALLY HAPPENED? My co worker K.K just told me that she had witnessed a lady being stabbed by a thief trying to steal her lap top! I just got shivers thinking of it. I began praying and thanking God for my life.

I read my daily read and it was ironic that the verse was Psalm 121:6-7 ” The sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night. The Lord will keep you from all harm – He will watch over your life.” That moved me.

The truth is that you can try protect yourself by doing so many things. But the real protector is God. I really believe the War we are fighting goes far beyond what we see. It is supernatural! I am so grateful I have God in my life because He is the ultimate protector. PROTECT YOURSELF by putting GOD FIRST


  1. Wow! what a great story!

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