Canada Vacation: Dim Sum Experience

Dim Sum is a style of Chineese food prepared as small bite-sized or individual portions of food and it usually is brought out in steamers. I don’t normally eat it but I always find it a fun experience for people who have no idea what it is. So during our time in Toronto I made sure Avon, Reagan and Maita had a true Dim Sum experience in China Town Toronto. If you go to a TRUE Dim Sum spot you will most likely get servers who don’t speak English. Thank goodness for Cantonese speaking friends (Jeanette and Ada)! Without them we wouldn’t have had a clue what we were eating.
Having Dim Sum is not like your typical restaurant. There is no set table …the servers just come around while you are seated and literally threw the dishes at you….the table was set for 8 in less than a Minute. To save time for clean up they use a plastic table cloth and just pick up the table cloth as is and put all the dishes in a dish (as if they are un-breakable). How the serving process works is different servers come around you with food on their trolly’s and just shout out what they have (not in English). You then decide if you want to order it and then they just place it on your table and you devour it with chop sticks and all. A lot of our choices were based on presentation. The pork buns and noodles seemed to be the favourite choice. Let the photos below do the talking.
The one minute setting of a table

Our husbands looking so nervous about the experience 

Ronnie and I supper excited with our Chop Sticks

An example of a Dim Sum Serving Tray

The Dim Sum Crew
To end off the experience I thought I would put a snippet of facial expressions of people eating a Tofu dessert which has the most uncomfortable texture:
Yummy Tofu dessert…..I think the best expression is Maita when Reagan was having his turn eating it (she knew exactly how he was going to react ha ha ha)

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