A Culinary Adventure at DinnerTimeStoriesSA

Avon and I recently went on a culinary adventure that was out of this world! I mean literally out of this world, this date night was not your average date night and we had no idea what to expect other than it was a first of its kind in South Africa: DinnerTimeStoriesSA with Le Petit Chef!
DinnerTimeStoriesSA is a two hour dining experience of the traveling adventures of the worlds smallest Chef – Le Petit Chef. The journey of Le Petit Chef follows the footsteps of Marco Polo which is projected on to the guests plates and as the journey unfolds guests experience a 6/7 course menu. The unparalleled 4 D experience has guests engaged in a 5-senses spectacle as they enjoy the tastes of the story along its sights, sounds and aromas.
DinnerTimeStoriesSA isn’t the kind of date night that allows you to look into your lovers eyes and get romantic….although the lights are dimmed….. It is a sociable experiential date night where you go on this great adventure and meet amazing people along the way. I loved getting to know the family we sat next to and all the great adventures they had been on.
From the comfort of my chair I felt like I traveled the world in all its flavors and visuals from the 3 D map to the detailed decor and wardrobe of the waiters. We tried to capture the experience in this video but you honestly have to experience it yourself to get the full 4 D experience.
This culinary experience is great because it can be tailored not only for the for a very unique Corporate Function with delicious wine pairing but also for a younger generation where the kids learn about flavors and cultures.
If you go you will  undoubtedly have a gastronomical experience that will leave you with a contentedness that is a Dinner time story in itself!
The Details:
Cost:  R995.00: Adult Entry and R1220.00: Adult Entry + Wine Pairing
Location: Quatermain Faircity Hotel, Morningside Johannesburg.
The Shows: There are four shows each week and they start at 7:30 pm SHARP (no late arrivals are accepted). Tickets can be bought through Computicket. Here are the details you need to know:
  • Wednesday – 1 show (Dinner 19:30 to 21:30). Arrive by 19:00 – no 12 and under
  • Thursday – 1 show (Dinner 19:30 to 21:30). Arrive by 19:00 – no 12 and under
  • Friday – 1 show (Dinner 19:30 to 21:30). Arrive by 19:00 – no 12 and under
  • Saturday – 1 show (Dinner 19:30 to 21:30) Arrive by 19:00 – no 12 and under
  • Sunday – 1 lunch time show (Lunch 1:30 -3:30) Arrive by 12:45

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My Rhythm of Life at Dinner Time Stories

So Avon Middleton and I recently went on a date night adventure that was literally out of this world!!!! BOOOM!Watch this Vlog because I can assure you that you haven’t experienced anything or tasted such gastronomical food brought to you by Dinner Time Stories South Africa! In a nutshell it was a theatrical experience that unfolded all around you complemented by wine tasting and tantalising food! Thank you Dinner Time Stories South Africa for hosting us! We will be back again!!! Tag your partner or a friend and let me know if you go! Entirely worth it. 🎥 Jaime Paulo Lopes

Posted by My Rhythm of Life on Thursday, 2 May 2019

Note: The above blog and Video was done in collaboration with DinnerTimeStoriesSA however the opinions remain my own.

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