Everyone needs a Little Cake, Sushi and Sun City in their Life!

Towards the end of our holiday we really missed being on the road…strange I know. So much so that we decided to spontaneously go to Sun City at 6pm. Ya I know it sounds crazy but it is such a liberating feeling when you can just go with the wind. No strings attached, no kids, no expectations just for “Just because!”

Well it all started with a desire for a slice of cake. I was craving Isabella’s delicious Turkish delight cake and it seemed like a pretty good idea to drive to Pretoria to get some at 4:15pm. Maita Reagan and Avon hadn’t tried it before so they were keen. We nearly didn’t make it in time before it closed. We begged the lady to open up for us because we had driven all the way from Johannesburg just for her cake. Next we thought we better get some dinner and sushi seemed like a good idea. Sitting at the Sushi table we thought Wow how random is this day. As if random couldn’t get any more random someone said imagine if we went to Sun City.. now that would be crazy.. We all laughed and then looked at each other. I am not sure what was going through their mind but for me I thought. “Why not? One day I won’t be able to just get up and go anywhere…what really would I have to loose.” Avon said, “Well it is only about 2 hours away…we will get there by 8pm.” Reagan just says “Come ON LETS DO IT!” Maita is like “WHY NOT!” We all shrug our shoulders in agreement and….

Maita and Reagan Excited face

Kanya and Avon…check the new GPS! What what


Chasing the sun

 The next thing you know we are chasing the sun to Sun City and 2 hours latter we were walking the streets of Sun City. We kept laughing at ourselves…thinking that our chilled day went.from a piece of cake, to sushi and then to SUN CITY. Where else will life take us. We got home at 3am and slept sound and sweet…all in a days work.

Tadaaaaaa…we were here

We abused the games section!

All in a days work 🙂

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