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Every now and again Avon and I get the chance to experience some real GEM’s in Johannesburg and Fusionista Spa and Restaurant, located in Randburg, was one of them. Generally, when you think of Randburg you don’t think of an exotic tranquil experience. You think of the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg. I personally think of cheap hairdressers, Sars headquarters and the UIF office from my maternity leave days. But Fusionista is hidden and from the moment you enter its premises you know you are in for an experience because bamboo doesn’t grow naturally in these parts of the world.
In preparing ourselves for the experience I read out some of the amazing eastern countries that Fusionista boasts of fussing into one location…Louse, Philippines……….. All places I know we would love to visit one day. Since I made the booking I knew we would be in for a real treat.
Upon arrival, we were each asked to choose a scented candle for our body massage. I had to laugh because usually I am the one who struggles with choice but Avon stood there for a while trying to figure out which sent he liked. He was spoilt for choice ….and for a brief second, I realised what his patience levels have to put up with. I wasn’t so patient lol. Anyways I  was set on the Angel Wings Candle – which was the fresh vanilla scent. Once we had FINALLY selected our single candles we had to select the type of massage and intensity. And the Swedish Medium intensity Massage it was!
The whole SPA is set up with an out of this world experience that heightens all your senses. From the scent of fresh lemon, dim lights, ocean sounds, and swinging chairs.  It wasn’t easy for me to switch off until we entered into the Koi Mist Room.
The Koi Mist room was heavenly. A special place where earth, wind, water, and fire collide.  Explaining it won’t even do it justice but imaging walking on a bed of clouds while fish swim below the mist and the sounds and textures of a tropical rain forest enchant you. Avon and I lay down on our beds and the selected aromas from the candles calmed us. I have never experienced anything of this kind before in my life. As Titsi massaged, my mind drifted off to a state of complete relaxation which I didn’t want to end. I lay there thinking can we just hold onto this moment for longer…..may it not end. Turned out Avon just knocked right out. But unfortunately, the massage had to end but it wasn’t the end of our exotic relaxation journey.  We were each handed our selected drinks and escorted to the Jacuzzi room. I know this might seem strange but I haven’t really experienced the full power of a real Jacuzzi. The bubbles were on another level in this tub.
Last but not least was the Chill room. This was another moment to just relax but this time on a Vibrating bed. Yes, I said it….. A bed that vibrates to the music. While I enjoyed the soothing vibrations I am sure Avon was thinking of the kinds of movies he could watch in a room like this.
After entering into a state of complete relaxation it was time to take our taste buds on an exotic eastern cuisine journey. The romance was in the air in the restaurant with candlelit dinner, roses and love songs that could get you in the mood. Avon and I were seated in Fish Tank room which turned out to be one of the best rooms in the restaurant – the Fish Tank. It was a three-course meal with a selection of three options for each segment. On arrival, we had a complimentary french kiss shooter which was deliciously sweet. For starters, we kicked off with a Vietnamese leaf wraps and Thai Sweetcorn cakes. My choice of the leaf wraps won round one as the just burst with flavor.  But Avon wone the main dish selectin with a delicious Samurai steak but mine was very close behind the ranks with a Salmon teriyaki. We are both not really dessert people but the Chocolate Cigar was a dish that made me want to beg for more.
I clearly am now “The Partner” of the year and it looks like Avon has a lot of catching up to do lol!
A huge thank you to Fusionista for hosting us! We will definitely be coming back!

Exotic Fusion | Fusionista Spa and Restaurant

Friends, here is a special episode of our Valentine’s Day Eastern Relaxation Adventure in RANDBURG! Yup, you read that right… Randburg. I have never experienced anything like this before………IN JOBURG! The KOI MIST ROOM is a Bucketlist experience!Sponsored by:Fusionista Restaurant,Super Spa, Beauty Salon & Corporate Venue/ Functions

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