Frozen 2 Review with Century CineMax Northgate

It was mommy date weekend and we had the privilege of being the few people to preview Frozen II before the official public launch 6th Dec 2019. Kayla was super excited because Frozen one was like her all-time favorite movie. Kayla and I did a bit of a review as a vlog  (see below) together and I didn’t want to go into too much detail with Kayla there so I decided to write a blog review with my thoughts.

Guys the movie was DEEP and Darker than I thought it would be! I honestly don’t know if it was just me and my super spiritual self but “Oh My word!” I felt like it was a bit too much to take in for any children under 10. Firstly it starts off with Else hearing voices in her head. Let’s JUST STOP RIGHT THERE!!! VOICES IN YOUR HEAD????? Guys if I was hearing voices in my head or random singing I would be freaking the hell out! Then she can’t hold herself back any longer because she feels like the voices in her head are calling her somehow and she decides to UNLOCK them. UM…… I was sitting in the movie thinking to myself – Kids if you hear voices in your head you do not unlock them…Call Me! Now the unlocking of the voices ended up awakening a whole bunch of crazy stuff. Which had me thinking ….okay where are we going with this?

Long story short Elsa, Anna, Christoff, and Sfen go on this wild adventure of singing and dancing in a dark enchanted forest to discover a past wrong that needed to be made right. But the adventures just spooked me….like a lot. Olaf made it seem quite okay and normal and added some humor to it. But some of the scenes could keep a grown mommy like me up at night. Particularly the horse in the water with evil eyes….which when you see it makes no sense ….but it ends up being one of the spiritual elements in the form of a water horse. Another scene that I watched which was a bit too mature for kids was the fact that the wrong that was done was actually murder. EEK.  That is deep. Also, the fact that her parents died in a shipwreck which was also quite sad. But they do discover more about their past which is interesting.

The movie does end on a positive note after Else gets unfrozen because she went too far and can only be saved if the Wrong is made right. Which is where Anna comes to save the day by using Giants to break down the dam wall. I personally loved the whole sister love in the whole movie as it reminded me and my sister and I. And so I did get super emotional towards the end when Else and Anna get reunited. Yes, I am a bit of a softie but …..Mommy crying in a movie must tell you something about the level of deepness this movie goes into.

In general, it was a good movie but I just feel it was a bit too deep and on the spiritual and somewhat dark side for what I was expecting if that made sense. I think it might leave kids asking a lot of questions – who am I, Should I follow these voices and that wired things can happen to you that will only make sense when you grow up…. yet wired things are happening to the grown-ups too. But be as that may Kayla loved it and none of the whole freakiness seemed to phase her ONE BIT! Not even the scary horse scene. Funny enough it all made sense to her. Mmmmm Interesting hey.

So that is my random thoughts…….would I recommend you watch the movie before you decide to show your kids and you make the judgment, it was too much for Abbe – 6yrs.

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