International Day of the Girl and the “Dream Gap Project”!

This week, Barbie® announced the Dream Gap Project, a multi-year global initiative to raise awareness around limiting factors that prevent girls from reaching their full potential. Which I think is great because it is during those precious years of child hood that we create the BIG Dreams.
I am interested to see what is to come but I honestly hope that the brand really bridges the gap not only in believing in their dreams but in showing girls that they are beautiful just the way they are -all shapes, shades and all. A discovery of girls and women really embracing how God made them is the beginning of actually stepping into the BIG DREAM.
Barbie have some really interesting plans of bridging the gap and the one that stood out the most is: Showing girls more role models. Wow Role models are so important! I remember one of my role models said to me when I was young and had no bills to pay lol – she said “Kanya don’t stop listening to the small voice in your heart!” And on my bedside table I have a picture of myself as a little girl for that very reason. As a reminder of those BIG dreams that were placed deep down in my heart. The dreams that originated before the circumstances of life happened, before the stick’s and stones that attempted to break me down; before the words of I can’t, you can’t got spoken and believed.
The Dream Gap
The photo I have chosen for this blog is a Girl Dream come True photograph!  Why? Well I could have never have imagined myself to look like I do in this photograph, in such a majestic setting and along side such an inspirational woman, Lynn Forbes!  Everything was and felt divinely placed, the beautiful dresses from Bridal Alchemy, the photographer Xavier Saer, the significance of standing on the largest granite rock in Africa,  to the last glimpse of sunrays that warmed our back to the peaceful wind that graced us! We both would not have had such a majestic moment if we didn’t take a moment in our day at the hairdressers to say HI and find out each others stories four months ago! So often we can be so absorbed in ourselves and our circumstances and the dream passes us by.
So on this International Day of Girl I would like to acknowledge the girl dreams within all of us women and the dreams within the girls around us. Let us handle each other with care! Let us love, encourage and inspire each others. WE WERE DESTINED to LIFT EACH OTHER UP!
Thought this video was super cute and the points so relevant!


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