Letter to 3yr old Kai

Dear Kai,

You are 3 yrs old now and although you are the youngest of three you pretty much run our house! What Kai says goes! But it is because everyone has a soft spot for you and your cuteness. I was never like this with Kayla and Abbe but with you….Gosh, you get your way even when I say no you say yes as if you know you will eventually get your way! You are still in nappies and refuse to use the toilet. In fact, you tell us that you are not a big boy…..only when it is time to use the loo. Every other time you are a Big Boy!

You have settled in so well into your new pre-school calledย ย LinguaMitesย and you might be wondering why your school is very different from any of the schools Kayla and Abbe went to. You are learning three languagesย isiZulu, Chinese, and English. I never thought it would be possible for you to grasp so much at such a young age but in less than three months you can greet and count to 10 in all three languages and I often catch you singing in isiZulu and Chinese. With all the chaos going on with Zenophobic attacks this past week I pray that you would be part of the change this nation needs in the future! A global leader that is adaptable and accepting of other cultures.

Kai’s Birthday Party at LinguaMites

You are a funny child, with rhythm and charisma. You love to dance in fact I can confidently say the Friday Dance was ignited by you when you were in my womb! Every time I switch on a song in the Kitchen you come running from where ever you are and step right in the center of the kitchen and bust a move as if every song played is your moment to shine and you are not going to miss a beat!

Your best friend is Luke O’conner. Luke is a couple of months younger than you but you guys get along like peas and carrots. Luke even knows that you love racing cars and bought you one for your birthday!

Digital devices are easy for you to understand! You know how to use the remote and log onto Youtube and Netflix. You know how to navigate the mouse on the computer…..and I often catch you talking to Siri on our i-phones. One morning your dad and I were still fast asleep but got woken up by a whisper of you asking Siri to play a video of racing cars. It was the funniest thing….”Hi Siri please can you show me a video of racing cars!” but you had such a lisp that Siri kept saying “Sorry I am not quite sure what you are asking for.” You kept repeating yourself and Siri kept cutting you off.

Before you sleep you love to have your back scratched by me while you hug your soft blue blankie. I love it too as it is my only real moment when you are completely still and I can get a cuddle and pray over you and give thanks for the amazing blessing you are and will be. But I do occasionally pass out with you ….eeek!

Just know mommy loves you so much, my Mighty Warrior!



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