Lynn Forbes Birthday Celebration

To get you all into the Friday dancing mood I thought I better highlight some snippets from Lynn Forbes birthday celebration last Saturday because it was a blast!

There are people who you meet in life that are just full of energy and life and you want to talk more but there isn’t enough time. Lynn was that kind of person! We met randomly whilst at the hair dressers and couldn’t stop talking. On that particular day she was off to a photo shoot and I was off to the SABC 3 presenter search audition and we both were like we have to meet up again!

Fast forward to a couple of weeks later and I was off to her 50th birthday celebration and fundraiser for her Kilimanjaro climb! Even though I knew Lynn would be the only person I knew there I thought well – if there is dancing involved then I am bound to make friends and have fun!! lol

Lynn had invited the awesome Takkies to teach us some moves in heels! I had been following Takkies on Instagram so I was super excited to meet her in person! It was also a bonus to meet up with AKA IV League (Lynn’s Son) who also brought some killer moves to the party to! IT felt like I was hanging out with my brother. But there were some other amazing women that were so inspirational and fun to get to know there too.

I hope this video highlights some of the day eough and gets you wanting to dance! I got home having made some new cool friends and also having some new cool moves up my sleeves lol.

Thanks so much Lynn Forbes this is definitely your Yes year and I am looking forward to the adventures this year has for you!


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