The New Suzuki Jimny

So this week we have been testing the Suzuki Jimny! This fun and spunky boxy offroaderΒ car is extremely popular and suppliers are trying to keep up with the demand! The demand stems from the affordability, durability and overall coolness of the car. As a family we didn’t take the car too far because we couldn’t legally fit everyone in. But we did find a patch of grass-veld, got some cool shots and took it for a bit of rough riding where we could experience it. I will leave all the petrol head talk for the experts and just share with you my “Rhythm Rides” thoughts:

  1. Love the funky colour – you can’t miss this car on the road as it is so bright and fun! Definitely for a colour for a personality that wants to be noticed!
  2. The combination of the colour and the compactness of the car makes it feel like a giant toy car which the kids fell in love with at first site! Avon had a number of requests from Abbe to take him to school this week!
  3. I like the view you get from the front seat because the windows are nice and open and big. Making it a great car for sight seeing adventures.
  4. The dashboard and display screen is very modern. As soon as my phone plugged in the screen connected and began navigation through my Waze app. Loved that!
  5. Although there is zero boot space, the back seats fold down and make for some great room.Β  So I guess this would make a great couples weekend away in the bush type of a car.
  6. Seats are not that comfortable but it kind of makes it feel like it can withstand a lot of rough handling.
  7. It is not a great urban lifestyle car as itΒ  just feels awkward in traffic! But when you do get offroad the car comes alive!

Those are my random thoughts! Lets see if it wins Auto Traders Car of the year award!


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