Pillars of Prayer: Franci Sick and Alone


Fransisca and I up making Valentines cookies at 11pm Feb 13, 2012

As I write this blog a good friend of mine is 7 months pregnant and lies on the floor of a hut located in the heart of the rural areas of Zimbabwe – Gokwe. Fransisca does not quite understand why the cards of life have played out the way they have. She has not said it but I can imagine she is wondering “Lord why have you forsaken me?” just like Jesus said during the final hours of his life on the cross.

At 6 months pregnant Fransisca’s in-laws told her to pack up her life here in Johannesburg and move to Zimbabwe. I knew she battled with the decision as it was written all over her face during her final days here. I put myself in her shoes…23 yrs old having come from extreme poverty in Zimbabwe and finally having a job and a life here in Johannesburg…now being told to go back??? It just didn’t make sense. She said before this point in her life she never knew what it was like to have R100 in her pocket. Deep down her heart didn’t want to go, but this was her husband’s family’s will and as the Zimbabwe culture stands it is really her responsibility to obey.

I even struggled with the idea of her going back to Zimbabwe. I wasn’t ready for her to leave as I had grown to love this woman who was a stranger 2 yrs ago in the parking lot of Northgate. And right now she was my sister, my daughter, my spiritual friend. But she had such strength within she said “Kanya you should not worry because God is with me and I talk to him daily. No matter what happens I know he is with me.” Her faithfulness was a testimony for me to never forget that God is with you no matter what decision you make in life…..good or bad.

So 2 weeks ago, she sold all her things and moved back, not knowing what the situation across the borders would be. For some of us it just seems logical to say “NO, I don’t want to go!” But can I remind you that Fransisca was now married and paid for, and in a way her new independent way of thinking cannot exist. She has to dutifully obey.

I spoke to her for the first time on Sunday evening and it appears the worst situation has taken place. She was sent to the heart of the rural areas to look after her husband’s grandmother. There is hardly anything in this area…..and it hurts me to think of how I was when I was 7 months pregnant. Could I survive on barely eating anything…and doing manual labour all day? When she spoke she was calm and collective, sweet and sincere. “Kanya I know everything will be fine! Don’t stop Praying for me. My God is Faithful!” We said goodbye and I cried – I felt so helpless. I had been in prayer for several women that day and I realised the strength and faithfulness Fransisca had in trusting God through this situation was way stronger than I felt I could ever be.

I have received an urgent sms from her today and I am putting her prayer request Live because as Matthew 18:20 says “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” We are in a world of cyberspace and I can testify that the Holy Spirit has moved miraculously and touched the lives of women I have met and never have met before through this web….and I have been moved more than ever before. So where you are take a moment to just pray for Fransisca! She is sick and leaking amniotic fluids…she is alone and scared and needs your help! Please stand as a pillar for her in this time of need.


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