Sports Bra Competition Challenge

Stepping out in a sports Bra in public…whats the big deal? Um it’s a big deal!

So I had a hectic identity crisis on Saturday at the Comrades Marathon Expo, Durban,….I spotted this Sarah Elizabeth – Confidence worth sharing to pose in the amazing Anita sports bra in a public photo booth! Prize was a sports bra! Now for the record I wasn’t at this Expo as a comrades runner….I was a supporter that needed support – Boob Support because Kai had just stopped breastfeeding (9 months)

Past Kanya (the young ..pre-kids gal with confidence) would have said “WHOOP! WHOOP! Bring on the bra!” She would have stepped out with a pose and have no issues. But current Kanya (the one with 3 kids and zero exercise)….. was like “Kanya you are in no shape to be parading in a Bra. Your boobs are back to Zero and a random Pilates class once a week doesn’t mean you can show your tummy there is major work to be done…..just walk away and pretend you didn’t see the sign.”

Future Kanya….the one (Comrades runner… has a six pack, toned figure and boobs that rock was like “Kanya you get your bumb into that change room and put on that sports bra! I am not running comrades with those things flying all over the place! So you better get your gear in check! I also want this photo because it is proof of where the comrades idea begun!”

So I stepped into the change room got undressed and stood for a good while looking at my body! With Past, Current and Future Kanya having their words!!!! I perspired at the thought of this being my first tummy, appearance in public since 3 kids ….I had tears fill my eyes at the thought of how my body used to be……..I had moments of what would people think.

Then Future Kanya kicked me out of the change room and had me nearly stumbling, while current Kanya shouted “Is the coast clear I am coming out! heck I hope no one is watching” and Past Kanya was like “Whoop! Whoop! we are doing this!”

Anyways I may not look like I am having fun in this photo (Last one on the list). ….Its mainly because the above thoughts were almost driving me crazy. But please like my photo and I promise I will push to do a Marathon (…that is future Kanya talking lol). I am not going to lie this BRA WAS A HUGE SUPPORT! It felt amazing! It was like we were born for each other! Future Kanya cried when she had to give it back lol!….i know I am a bit crazy sometimes!

Huge shout out to all the women that stepped out in confidence- you all look fabulous! For all those who need encouragement to step out! Just envision your future self – how she looks how she feels and take the step, push or shuv she gives you to make the changes to reach that goal! Don’t get down and out about how you look or feel! Accept it with a vision! We don’t become awesome overnight lol! My random thoughts!

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