Surround Yourself with Good People

Two weeks ago my work celebrated its 15yr birthday which kick started with a very inspirational motivational speaker from Highveld 702fm, Benita Levine – Two things that really sunk in from this talk were – surround yourself with good people and keep your passion burning. I will delve on the later in my upcoming “Secret shoot” blog. But today I wanna really chat about the importance of surrounding yourself with good people.

Every 6 weeks I get together with a bunch of ladies from my church. There are about 8 of us and we range in age, size, race, jobs, talents ect. However the main common denominator is that we all are aiming to put God on top of our lists …coz you know us women have many lists in our lives! We are each others supportive structures.

Today’s meeting was an early morning Saturday breakfast and as busy as our schedules all were we knew deep down that this get together was not about us but all about God. One mother leaves her 2 week old and 2 yr old alone at home with dad for the first time, another just needs a breather from her family’s hussel and bussel, a teacher slips away from all the marking she has taken home for the weekend, a stay at home mom anticipates the social aspect of the gathering, a working mom just needs to pause for a second, some ladies are ready to be refreshed and others are ready to refresh others.

I was moved when each lady shared there feedback on “what was going well in their life and what they were struggling with.” Each lady opened up like flower as they shared the “what was going well”…and as they slowly unfolded their struggles you could just resonate with the emotion. Yes you can imagine how the flood gates were let loose here in a little café in jozi. But it was humbling to hear that some of the struggles were very similar – being busy and burnt out, feeling guilty with not spending enough time with God, waiting for God’s confirmation in decision ect. As we shared our hearts we realised how God has come through and although the struggles seemed hectic and unbarring …which made you wanna cry, it was so encouraging witness God’s faithfulness in the various seasons.

When the breakfast was over and the waitress was tired of asking us if we needed anything else…we all went our separate ways refreshed and ready for the battle field of life.

The whole experience really encouraged me to push all my women readers that feel like they are alone and struggling or unsupported – to surround yourself with Good Women. Women that you can open your hearts to and share your joys and tribulations; women you can trust that will be praying for you when you are struggling to pray for yourself; women that will refresh you with God’s word and wisdom. We can’t go through life thinking we can manage everything alone…including our relationship with God. We need good supporting structures that will guide us with God’s light because life can get so hectic it may even feel hard to breath.
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