The Rhythm of My Pregnancy: Is everything okay? Weeks 5-7)

I have read so many websites in attempt to try educating myself about the first symptoms of Pregnancy. I have read of all the symptoms I am suppose to be experiencing and the only thing I feel is itchy nipples and tiredness. No morning sickness, no dizziness, no serious mood swings. It all is making me start to think that maybe I might not be pregnant. I spoke to a girl in my life group who is 8 weeks pregnant and she said she was the same…and then it all came at once. It’s like I want it to happen so I can be sure I am pregnant but I don’t!!! Brrr
My body still looks the same I am 56kgs and 165cm tall. I even went for an audition for a swim suite Kellogg commercial. I remember standing there in my bikini thinking “I may not look like this forever might as well take advantage! And I sure shoot date  is soon (for all of our sakes)!”  I envisioned myself on a beach posing for the commercial…while holding my tummy in big-timeJ.
Avon has been a great support…even though things haven’t got quite hectic. He just makes me feel secure for the time to come. We go for walks and talk about the future our plans….the changes to come. It all seems crazy how our life will change when we have a child….but at the same time everything feels and looks normal. Its like our discussions are a daydream.   

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