Working and Traveling Mother

October 2012

Just when I thought I got the hang of being a working mom life seemed to switch things up a notch. How about a working and travelling mom? Yup I am two months into my new career as Business Development Director for Strategic Environmental Focus (


Last year I probably would have never have thought that I would be keen for such a position. Being a mom I was so sure that I would opt for the stay-at-home mommy career path. I had consulted with a lot of moms who gave up full blown careers just so they could be with their kids. And listening to their reasoning’s – I could relate BIG TIME.


When my boss proposed the new job position I got a strange sense of excitement and fear all at the same time. I had had a couple of job offers previously which required weeks of travel and I had turned them down purely because it meant me spending less time with family. But this new job seemed a bit feasible – regional (Cape Townand Durban) short visits. Then there was the other fear factor which was the complete career change. I was moving from GIS and Remote sensing work which was mainly computer based to now relationship building, people management, marketing and business development. Am I capable of such a position? This was kicking my career into top gear – was I ready for this change?


So with any major decision I face I consulted my Husband and to my surprise he was more excited than me. It was so encouraging too because ultimately this travel and stress would put more pressure on Avon. Were we ready for this as a couple?


God opens and closes doors – so I needed to get confirmation from God. And what better way to do that than to fast. During this fast I prayed and got confirmation on various levels from dreams to scripture to actual words given by people. Strange how even when you get the confirmation you still question God…Are you sure about this God?  Why me?


One thing I knew for sure was that this was going to require a massive walk in faith. I would need to proceed trusting that God would grant me wisdom, strength, patience, endurance, contacts and ideas. I was being put in a leadership position……Could I trust in Him enough to make me a leader?




Two months have gone by and I can really tell you God has come to my rescue on numerous occasions and still continues to do so. There have been moments when I just want to break down out of frustrations with working with people – sometimes working with a computer is a lot easier. There have been times when the future just seems like a blur and I am not equipped for it. Yet God, in his mysterious ways, encourages me, humbles me, reassures me that he is in control and I am not. These are the times when I realise how amazing God is with taking care of the details.  And all of these learning experiences and awakenings wouldn’t have happened if I had decided not to take the position. 


So readers this is why I have been quiet…and I apologise to all of you who do follow these blogs on a regular basis. Keep me in your prayers….coz let me tell you! I NEED IT big time. I have a couple of blogs which I have up my sleeve, I just haven’t had time to post them….so watch this space.

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