The Rhythm of My Pregnancy: Suddenly it Hits You! (Week8)

When my first morning sickness symptoms kicked in, Avon was away on a conference and I was sleeping over at Marcia and Craigs place. That morning I woke up and just stared at the thatched roof, something told me to just turn over and pray. So I did but I wasn’t so sure what I was praying for or about but I thought I would give him thanks and praise.
I thought I was going to be like my mom and have no morning sickness. But morning sickness struck me down like a bolt of lightning. I hadn’t told Marcia and Craig yet just because I wanted to be sure I was pregnant. I remember Craig offering to cook a “egg and bacon breakfast!” and the thought made my tummy turn. I could barely hold down my regular oat meal porridge.

I got to work and as I hung over the office toilet throwing up and just started crying. WHY! WHY! I mean now I know I am officially pregnant but WHY such a sickness. I felt like saying “baby you making mommy not so happy!” Then I realised that maybe it doesn’t have a brain yet. I remembered reading that by now the baby has a heart and webbed feet and legs. It would be like talking to a Gecco (lizard).  The thought made me laugh none the less.
I tried not to make much noise while gagging because no one in the office knew I was pregnant yet. The whole silence of not telling people made me feel really lonely. People would ask me about their GIS tasks and I really just wanted to say GUYS leave me alone I am having a baby here! But no one knew, I just looked like I was having a bad day…almost every day! Even my walking pace, in the corridor, slowed down big time. I was so lucky to be sleeping over at Marcia and Craig’s – coz the drive home would have just made me even more sick. 

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